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The thirty-ninth Skipped on Shuffle episode will be focused on the song “Don’t Make Me Wait” by Seal off his 2003 album Seal.

After an offer from English DJ Adamski to sing on one of his tracks, Seal found himself on top of the UK charts with “Killer.” It was a quick rise to fame that Seal would maintain for the first half of the 90s, thanks to radio staples such as “Crazy,” “Prayer For The Dying,” and the chart-topping smash “Kiss From A Rose.” However, Seal would soon find himself struggling to keep the hits coming after a disappointing third album, Human Being.

“Don’t Make Me Wait,” a track off of Seal’s self-titled fourth album, is simultaneously a comeback and a swan song to the singer’s ability to craft powerful tracks that easily connected with audiences. The song finds Seal evoking a Motown feel, reminding Jason of the Otis Redding classic “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.” Scott, a huge fan of Seal’s music, discusses how creating a Motown vibe made sense for Seal at this point in his career as he wavered and felt unsure of where his career should go, having shelved an entire album just prior to recording this record.

Despite how solid Scott and Jason feel this album is, presenting undeniable evidence of Seal’s songwriting abilities, the fact that Seal would go on to consistently release albums of covers suggests an artist unsure of his talents as a writer and increasingly uncoupling his singer/songwriter title to become just a singer. While Scott laments the fact that Seal seems unable to replicate the strong songs he founded his career upon, he appreciates that Seal is such a captivating performer. Scott recalls a showstopping live rendition of “Don’t Make Me Wait,” which inspired its inclusion for this episode. It’s a track even casual fans like Jason can be blown away by and suggests that more of Seal’s catalog deserves another listen, especially his original material.

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