The twenty-seventh Skipped on Shuffle episode will be focused on the song “The Smokey Life” by Leonard Cohen off his 1979 album Recent Songs.

Leonard Cohen is one of those artists who pretty much everyone loves. Adored by critics, respected by musicians of all kinds, and fawned over by even the pickiest of music listeners, Cohen’s songs transcend “taste” to become almost like essential listening.

However, Cohen wasn’t always so revered. In the mid-70s, he released an album that nearly destroyed his career, produced by the legendary Phil Spector. After dealing with the fallout from that travesty, Cohen released Recent Songs, a collection of tracks much more in line with what Cohen wanted to do with his songwriting.

In this Skipped on Shuffle episode, Scott and Jason talk about just how much they love Leonard Cohen (a lot) as well as their own personal connections with seeing him perform live. They also discuss Cohen’s history and his interesting outlooks on life and love.