The twenty-sixth Skipped on Shuffle episode will be focused on the song “Human Racing” by St. Vincent off her 2007 album Marry Me.

Although Jason is a huge fan of St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark), Scott has never taken the time to listen to her music. This creates an interesting dynamic for this episode of Skipped on Shuffle, as Jason tries to convince Scott of what he’s missing out on.

Truth be told, there’s no real solid reason why Scott wasn’t listening to St. Vincent — she’s just one of those artists that passed him by. That’s why Jason encouraged him to start at the beginning with her first album Marry Me, on which “Human Racing” is a standout track.

Through discussion of St. Vincent’s music as well as the phenomenon of “skipping” artists for reasons that are unclear even to the listener, Scott and Jason come to some new revelations about songwriting, musicianship, and music listening and enjoyment.