The fourteenth Skipped on Shuffle episode will be focused on the song “Why Wait” by Shakira off her album She Wolf.

Here in the United States, most people think of Shakira as a famous pop singer who’s had some pretty big hits. However, worldwide Shakira is a literal phenomenon, and her hit single “Hips Don’t Lie” is the best-selling single of the entire 2000 — 2010 decade. In a phrase, Shakira is very, very popular.

Not every song the Colombian singer has released has been a hit, though, and “Why Wait” is a passed-over gem she created in collaboration with The Neptunes. The dark, sexy track harkens back to the pair of humungous hits The Neptunes penned in the early 2000s, namely “Milkshake” by Kelis and “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

In this episode, Scott and Jason discuss just how famous Shakira is, as well as her refusal to pigeonhole herself into any one genre. They also discuss how difficult it must be for an artist of her stature to straddle the line between English-speaking pop stardom and Spanish-speaking world recognition.